Tuesday, 23 April 2013


top - silence and noise - £31
jeans - h&m - £14
shoes - urban outfitters - £12.50 (down from £68)
jewellery - vintage
skull necklace - topshop - £4
denim jacket - urban outfitters - £55

wore this out for my gorgeous friend's 17th birthday, and the top is owned by my other very gorgeous and lovely friend who let me borrow it for a bit.

love the sportiness of this outfit. casual but dressy enough to wear out; the perfect combination. I originally saw these shoes when they were (i think) £68 in urban outfitters and - being the forever skint spend-a-holic that i am - had to tear my eyes away and continue my bargain hunting. however, the biggest stroke of luck ever brought me straight back to these shoes to see them in the 2 for 1 offer for £25... WIN.

bought these jeans 2 and a half years ago.. they didn't fit me then, and they sure as hell don't fit me now, but i somehow have managed to squeeze into them religiously for the past few months and they have become my holy grail jeans.. despite the daily struggle to get them on.

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