Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nineties Neon

say goodbye to your skinnies my friends, because boyfriend jeans are back.

i've been patiently waiting for these babies to appear on the highstreet once again and, as predicted, they have arrived with a bang. trust me people, get your hands on a pair of these and you'll be the hottest shit for summer. 

thought i'd go all out and send this outfit spiralling back into the 90's with some serious neon, some vintage fur and - of course - a pair of hoops that a small child could squeeze through. the nineties cannot be done by halves... the bigger, the better. 

fur jacket - vintage - £20
tshirt - Topshop - £10
jeans - Topshop - £40
shoes - New Look - £24
earrings - Primark - £2
watch - Marc Jacobs - £250
purse - (fake) Mulberry - £12
necklace - vintage

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