Wednesday, 26 June 2013


thought i'd give you a little look at what me and my photographer bestie get up to on boring evenings in fintry. she's too good to not show off. 

dress - urban outfitters - £16
doc martens - ebay - £60
bag - vintage - £5
tights - not a clue
jewelry - all vintage
dream catcher necklace - spitalfields market - £12


excuse the random styles of the photos, me and my little photographer friend were playing about with the settings to try out some effects. a bit of a strange combination, but we were pretty happy with the way some of them turned out. 

i bought this dress on a complete whim in topshop today. i never wear dresses, i never wear anything remotely pale - let alone pink. but for some strange reason this dress jumped out at me, and i had to have it. the fact that it was less than half price did not help matters. when i tried it on it seemed less of a skin tone colour.. seeing it in daylight lead to much deliberation about whether blending in to your clothes is acceptable. i decided that in this case, it is. after all, a bit of nude never hurt anybody.

i was going to butch things up with my buckle cut out boots, but i decided on these pretty little chelsea boots because hey - i'm already wearing a button down pale pink midi dress. may as well go the whole hog.

dress - topshop - £15 (sale price)
shoes - topshop - £75
belt - urban outfitters - £5 (sale price)
bag - vintage - £5
chains - stolen from gran
dream catcher - spitalfields market - £12
rings - vintage

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


there's nothing more depressing than when the sun forgets to put his hat on. it's june, and it's still grey. in times like these, i find there's only two ways to deal with the feeling of pure disappointment; a holiday, or some serious retail therapy. being as skint as i am, i opted for the latter, thinking this would be the most bank balance friendly option. on reflection, it might have been safer to go with the £500 holiday to boost my mood, as me and shopping tend to only go one way.. debt. 
 having said that, i am now feeling tip top and i am prepared for a summer of both rain and shine thanks to my recent splurge. anyway, enough of that. time for clothes.

the first place i visited on my travels was Office. within 5 minutes, I was already £80 down (and i wonder why i'm skint.) but you can't deny, these boots are worth it. they are undoubtedly the comfiest pair of shoes i own. if you are in the market for a new pair of killer butch ankle boots, THESE ARE FOR YOU. 

along with several tops, rings, a pair of skinnies and a jumper, i picked up a pair of these Urban Outfitters sunnies while i raided their store from top to bottom. perfect in every way, until they snapped clean in two, 3 days after i bought them. there was me trying to be clever and get a bargain.. the truth is, sometimes you do need to pay a bit more for quality. shame on you urban! (and apologies to the terrified shop assistant whom i demanded gave me my money back). 

cardigan - topshop - £25
top - ebay - £2.99
jeans - topshop - £40
belt - urban outfitters - £5
sunglasses - urban outfitters - £16
shoes - office - £80

Monday, 17 June 2013


the moral of this story? a belt is all you need.

jumper - urban outfitters - £20
midi skirt - topshop - £16
shoes - jeffrey campbell - £50 (USA price)
belt - charity shop - £2.50
purse - fake mulberry - £12
earrings - £4 - topshop


this dress I love for two reasons
1 - it's minuscule price tag
2 - it's miraculous illusion of boobs

i'm one of those rare girls that is a little grateful for her lack of 'God's gifts'. personally, i am more of a bum person, but seeing as i lack in both departments, this dress does me huge favours. 
 and all for the bank breaking cost of £5... THANK YOU TOPSHOP.

i love the cut, particularly the boxy fit and the deep V neck. there's something slightly 60's about the way it falls, and the pockets play this up in such an adorable way. all somehow managing to stay pretty sexy.

i chucked on the thick socks just to add a bit of texture and originality to the outfit. also a great tip if you're a pale girl wanting to wear nude shoes. it can be a task, but socks are your friends.

dress - topshop - £5
shoes - urban outfitters - £35 (down from £110)
socks - my grans house - stolen
bag - vintage - £10
earrings - h&m - £3.99