Monday, 14 October 2013


Once again, the London shops have claimed far too much of my money in far too little a space of time. But no complaining, I left with some major bargains, my addiction to London vintage satisfied and a boosted ego after the Rokit staff photographed my outfit for their blog. So, before I go viral, I thought I'd better give you guys a looksie ahead of the rest of the world.

In my world, anything black (or rather, everything black) is a fail safe way to look awesome always, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Leather and PVC. In fact, at the moment, anything that is black, skin tight and remotely shiny is your best friend. IT'S HOT! 

For a long time, I've been trying to avoid the temptation to buy every leather item that I see. So far I have given into the basics: A jacket, shorts, trousers and a mini skirt. But when I crossed paths with this little piece of wonder in Urban Outfitters, I could resist no longer. The use of leather is branching out and right now, it's about doing the unexpected. Everything from leather dresses, shirts and tshirts to scruniches and socks... Leather is well and truly back.

Skirt - Urban Outfitters - £40
Tshirt - Holly Fulton - gifted at Scottish Fashion Awards
Jacket - Vintage - £20
Shoes - New Look - £29.99
Earrings - Topshop - £8

Also... How freeeeeaking cool are my nails? So what if I spent and entire Saturday losing my mind over my shaking hands and tendency to smudge polish seconds before it dries?! I feel like a wannabe Kylie Jenner... and IT WAS WORTH IT!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Scottish Fashion Awards 2013

The Scottish Fashion Awards is something that every fashion conscious Scot has been keeping an eye on since it began in 2006. In Scotland, a recognised career in fashion can be slightly more difficult to achieve... Well, the inhabitants of good old Glasgow don't quite have the elegance and sophistication as the likes of Paris and Milan. But we do have immense talent, new and old, and the Scottish Fashion Awards was set up as a way to showcase this.

Once a year every big name in the Scottish fashion industry are brought together for a night of celebration and a little bit too much whiskey. This year was no exception, with the likes of Christopher Kane, Hilary Alexander, Stella Tennant, and Pam Hogg among the many who others gathered in London at Dover House to witness the winners being announced. Being chosen to take part in this event and having the opportunity to be there alongside fashion royalty was something I have never expected but am honoured to have been able to experience. Never have I had so many 'pinch yourself' moments in one night... Obviously not including David Gandy telling me I looked fabulous. That's an every day sort of thing...

Winners included Christopher Kane - Designer of the Year, Pam Hogg - Creative Excellence, Mary Charteris - Model of the Year, Lauren Smith - Graduate of the Year, and the wonderful and lovely Jennifer Morris who won the title of Young Designer of the Year. However, it felt to me that the ceremony was more than just a celebration of the winners. It was a celebration of every person in the room; designer or communicator, creative or celebrity, nominee or winner. Everyone had worked hard to be there and had each brought something to the growing fashion industry that Scotland has today. They were there to celebrate each other. There was a great patriotism and feeling of pride. That was special.

The event was then moved to a beautiful venue in the heart of London where the party truly began. Here, the gorgeous Laura Whitmore presented awards to Harris Tweed for Scottish Ambassador of the Year and Brian Duffy picked up the award for Hall of Fame 2013. Too much champagne and photo booth fun (Obscure Couture ladies in particular..) means that the goings on here must be kept under wraps, but the food was delicious, the energy was electric and every single table was packed full of fashion darlings, all enjoying everything the night had to offer.

What else can I say? I chatted to Stella Tennant after handing her an award and congratulating her on Chanel's win for International Designer of the Year. I got a hug from David Gandy, shared champagne with Laura Whitmore and had a giggle with Hilary Alexander. I spent my night surrounded by idols and inspirations. It was amazing, and now just I want more.

I also want to say thanks to my beautiful ladies from Obscure Couture for lending me some of their masterpieces to wear and for being the best ever company, and to Tessa Hartmann for putting on such an amazing event and letting me be a part of it. Much love, ladies. x

Pam Hogg - Creative Excellence

Jennifer Morris - Young Designer of the Year

Christopher Kane - Designer of the Year

The gorgeous Tallia Storm wearing Young Designer of the Year nominee Jacob Birge

Mary Charteris - Model of the Year

Host Laura Whitmore wearing Christopher Kane

Sitting down for a feast.

My little Storm and I.. X
Tallia in Jacob Birge and myself in Obscure Couture
Tallia in H&M and myself in another Obscure Couture.

This man doesn't need named. SWOOOOOON
(David Gandy, if you don't know, but be ashamed.)

Myself, founder Tessa Hartmann and Jenni Martin of Jenivieve Berlin Millinery, Accessory Designer of the Year nominee.

And of course, my two favourite ladies and I, Jenn Coyle and Lyndsay Pagan of Obscure Couture.
(all wearing Obscure Couture, obviously.)

Thursday, 12 September 2013


this skirt and tshirt combination embodies summer. it is cute, quirky, colourful... it has pineapples scattered all over it for goodness sake. i don't care if the sun is quickly disappearing and i had to saturate the shit out of these pictures to make it look warm, I will continue to wear this outfit until there is snow on the ground. it makes me happy.

i've said it before and i'll say it again; i've never been one for colour in my clothes. i'm more of a 'i'll wear all black every day and hope it looks cool and mysterious' type of girl, so i was surprised when i caught myself running after a girl wearing this (amazing) ensemble in London to ask her where she got it. and there they go, proving me wrong again. H&M, i take back every bad thing i have ever said. you are great.. and cheap. IT'S LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

skirt - H&M - £7.99
tshirt - H&M - £6.99
boots - Office - £80
sunglasses - Urban Outfitters - £16
earrings - Accessorize - £2
lipstick - Topshop - hazzard (£6)

oh, and i got my nose pierced.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


up until recently, the paths of myself and H&M only cross when i'm in need of the basics; a white tshirt for work, school trousers, shirts, plain cardigans.. all the boring fashion necessities. and they have done me well, but never brought excitement to my wardrobe. it's always when my shopping trips are at their most unsuccessful that i venture to H&M, and i usually leave feeling more disheartened. but now, things have changed.

last week in covent garden, H&M was a world of MAGIC! i saw this jumper as soon as i walked in, grabbed the large and went to pay. no trying on, no wondering whether it's worth the money. the price, the shape, the christopher kane esq. animal WEIRD AND WONDERFUL-NESS.. it is all perfection. I have barely taken it off since i bought it. think it's love.... all for £14.99.

jumper - H&M - £14.99
trousers - H&M - £15.99
earrings - accessorize - £2
sunglasses - camden market - £5
shoes - office - £80

lipstick - topshop (hazzard) - £6

Monday, 12 August 2013


sorry for my absence from the blogging world for the last month or so, but it's all in the name of fashion. i'm back working at Obscure Couture (if you have never heard of them, don't dare read another word of this until you have stalked them until you can stalk no more), and have just got back from 3 weeks in london doing a fashion course at the INSANELY amazing Central Saint Martins. everything has been full steam ahead so i've only just had the time to get my little photographer friend to work her magic.

while i was in london i set aside a sunday specifically for the amazingness that is brick lane. brick lane is one of the most famous markets in london, and is without a doubt the best place for vintage shopping i've ever been. if you're one for a second hand bargain and happen to be in the big city, YOU'VE GOTS TO GO! anyway, on that particular day brick lane claimed far too much of my money (and my sanity), but in return bumped up my wardrobe with lotttts of it's vintage MAGIC. there's also some wonderously brilliant vintage shops in camden and covent garden that i love, along with many more throughout london that i am yet to find. if you know of any, COMMENT WITH DETAILS!!

some of my favourite shops that you should check out:

shirt - Rokit - £18
bracelet - Rokit - £5
sunglasses - Rokit - £6
leather skirt - H&M - around £10-15
shoes - Office - £80

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


thought i'd give you a little look at what me and my photographer bestie get up to on boring evenings in fintry. she's too good to not show off. 

dress - urban outfitters - £16
doc martens - ebay - £60
bag - vintage - £5
tights - not a clue
jewelry - all vintage
dream catcher necklace - spitalfields market - £12


excuse the random styles of the photos, me and my little photographer friend were playing about with the settings to try out some effects. a bit of a strange combination, but we were pretty happy with the way some of them turned out. 

i bought this dress on a complete whim in topshop today. i never wear dresses, i never wear anything remotely pale - let alone pink. but for some strange reason this dress jumped out at me, and i had to have it. the fact that it was less than half price did not help matters. when i tried it on it seemed less of a skin tone colour.. seeing it in daylight lead to much deliberation about whether blending in to your clothes is acceptable. i decided that in this case, it is. after all, a bit of nude never hurt anybody.

i was going to butch things up with my buckle cut out boots, but i decided on these pretty little chelsea boots because hey - i'm already wearing a button down pale pink midi dress. may as well go the whole hog.

dress - topshop - £15 (sale price)
shoes - topshop - £75
belt - urban outfitters - £5 (sale price)
bag - vintage - £5
chains - stolen from gran
dream catcher - spitalfields market - £12
rings - vintage