Friday, 5 April 2013

My Obscure Obsession

Multi coloured fur jackets, neon tie dye maxi skirts and a hint of rainbow coloured pony; it could only come from one place - the magic that is, Obscure Couture.

A pink, bejewelled chandelier hangs from the studio ceiling, party streamers still dangling from it's arms from their opening night's party. Rolls upon rolls of fabric flood the top floor - rainbow fur and tie dye, silver pleather, masses of baby pink tulle. Every inch of the walls are covered with notes, pictures, glitter, studs, and skulls. There's not a hint of conventionality about the place - nor about Lyndsay Pagan and Jenn Coyle (the designers and company owners) - nor their brand. They are about being exactly who you are, about having fun with clothes, and raising eyebrows when you walk down the street. 

The company is split into two branches; couture and ready to wear. Being a sucker for couture anything, this is the side that really has me in awe of them. They showed me that couture gowns don't have to be worked on by 50 pairs of hands to be beautiful. Their ready to wear is for the types of girls that they both are; fun, exciting, ridiculously stylish and a just little bit mental.

Their A/W 12 collection, 'The Lithium Party': "Set over a 24 hour period of debauchery, the Lithium party explores the intricate and muddled mindset of a beautiful mess. a blurred vision disrupted by jittered, juddering fLashes of sparkLing glitter, the sumptuous feel of luxury and the glint of traiLed metaLs. Look through the bloodshot eyes of youth - off the rails and out of their minds."

Take a look at the fashion film they made for 'The Lithium Party' to see what I'm blabbing on about. Click below to experience the magic for yourself.

Could they BE any more amazing?!?! SO MUCH OBSCURE COUTURE LOVING! 

Anyway, enough of my chatting. Just want to say a massive thank you to Jenn and Lyndsay for rubbing some of their unbelievable creativity off on me and for giving me the best work experience imaginable! Love you ladies.

D  x

(also, if you're loving all of these clothes like I am, head on over to asos marketplace to get your hands on some of these gems before they are sold out)